Zylö Therapeutics has an innovative sustained-release drug-delivery system that was developed by Joel Friedman MD PhD, Adam Friedman MD FAAD, and Andrew Draganski PhD. The delivery system uses patented hydrogel-derived nanoparticles, called Nanopods™, to deliver—in a sustained and controlled manner—notoriously hard-to-deliver therapeutic agents through topical administration.

It took more than 10 years and $10 million to develop the Nanopod™ delivery system. The second generation of the technology improved considerably on the first, reaching a key milestone of 24+ hours of sustainable delivery, thereby allowing for once-a-day application.

Notably, the Nanopod™ delivery system has harnessed the therapeutic potential of:

1. Nitric Oxide (NO), one of the most notable and versatile, yet elusive (it’s an unstable gas), biomolecules produced by practically every cell in our bodies, with the following mechanisms of action:
a. vasodilatory (enhanced blood flow), e.g., Viagra serves to increase NO production
b. anti-inflammatory
c. anti-microbial (it effectively kills gram-positive and gram-negative pathogens….and MRSA as well)
d. anti-oxidant
e. scar minimizing

2. Curcumin (diferuloylmethane), a natural polyphenol/antioxidant with an extensive body of mechanistic and clinical data, but plagued by poor bioavailability (the kidneys break down the curcumin within minutes) and by the persistent yellow stain it leaves behind. It is profoundly anti-inflammatory, among other properties.

3. Cannabinoids, which have a myriad of possible therapeutic applications, but the current modes of delivery have certain limitations that are overcome by the Nanopod™ sustained delivery system.

4. Vitamin A, which is known to enhance skin elasticity, but the night creams that contain Vitamin A will enrich one’s skin for 10-20 minutes. Contrast that with a vitamin A-loaded Nanopod™ cream, which will nourish the skin, when applied nightly, 24x7.

5. Quercetin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, melanin, allicin (garlic oil), which are all similar to Vitamin A….sustained delivery is far better and will have clear-cut benefits over tablets or creams that provide a short-lived dose of the therapeutic agent.

6. Sildenafil and similar erectile dysfunction therapeutics, which, when taken in tablet form, enhance the production of Nitric Oxide…systemically. This creates certain systemic side effects, such as nitrite headaches, dyspepsia, blurred vision. Further, men with certain cardiovascular irregularities should not risk taking these drugs. In all, it is believed that 30-40% of men with ED are affected by these systemic effects. Topically applied sildenafil-loaded or NO-loaded Nanopods™ would provide enhanced blood flow locally (where it’s needed) and would avoid the systemic side effects.

7. Proprietary payloads that have been shelved by pharmaceutical firms due to a lack of sustainable action. We believe there are dozens, if not hundreds, of such payloads that would be an ideal fit with our Nanopod™ platform technology. Most any water- or fat-soluble molecule can be loaded into our Nanopods™.

The patented Nanopod™ delivery system also addresses the constraints of other established and emerging therapeutic ingredients.